Lubavitch Senior Girls' School


The school aims to provide the very best secular curriculum within the context of the spiritual goals of Judaism.

There are high expectations of work, behaviour and commitment, so that each pupil can derive the maximum from the many opportunities the school has to offer.
Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School is an inclusive secondary school and the curriculum will be adapted to meet the needs of all learners.
 In Year 7-9 –students study a broad range of subjects. They follow the National Curriculum and have lessons in the subjects shown below. 

Kodesh subjects include: 

* implies that a GCSE qualification available in this subject

Chumash (Bible studies) Dikduk (Hebrew language) *
Halacha (Jewish law) Jewish History
Novi (Prophets) Pirkei Avos (Jewish ethics)
Tefilla (prayer) Chassidic teachings

Lubavitch offers a broad and varied Jewish Studies curriculum. The syllabus is comprehensive and Judaism permeates into all areas of the school.

Secular subjects include:

* implies that a GCSE qualification available in this subject

English * Mathematics * Science *
History * Citizenship *  
Modern Hebrew* Art * Physical Education
Religious Studies * Home Economics Sewing

A-Level Subjects

Intent implementation and impact KS5 Kodesh

Psychology Religious Studies Biblical Hebrew
Mathematics Sciences Vocational Studies
Photography Art Graphic Communication
English Language Health & Social Care

The secular curriculum is geared to GCSE and AS and A2 Level examinations when appropriate.

Pupils will be expected to do regular homework and parents are asked to give their support to see that this is done conscientiously.

Throughout the school experience there is concern for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) which runs throughout kodesh and secular studies, as well as weekly assemblies and the extra-curricular activities. The goal is to help form young people who are informed, alert and able to make their own independent moral choices in all aspects of life.

The school's academic curriculum, coupled its extra-curricular activities, is imbued with the activist Lubavitch ethos, enabling its students to gain understanding and insight as citizens of contemporary society. They learn about the resources available to them and the challenges which might be faced for individuals and families in the 21st century.

The school strongly encourages pupils to continue their education at a Seminary for further Jewish education and training for leadership in the Jewish community.

Any additional information can be obtained by emailing

Special Education

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator works with class teachers, parents and support agencies to meet individual needs.

Pupils who need particular support are identified at an early stage and a partnership between home and school is the key to continued progress.