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Exams at LSGS

The girls of Lubavitch Senior Girls' School achieve very pleasing results in the GCSE exams taken at the end of Years 10 and 11, and the GCE Advanced and Advanced Supplementary Level, taken at the end of Year 11 and the Sixth Form.  
Our pupils sit GCSEs in English, Mathematics, Science, History, Modern Hebrew, Religious Studies, Biblical Hebrew  results.pngand Art. 

This year our Progress 8 score was 0.42, a very pleasing score, and 56%, of girls obtained a grade 5 or above in GCSE English and Maths. 

At AS and A level, we offer English, Maths, History, Biblical Hebrew, Accounting and Art, and other subjects can be arranged as per students requests. 

 National Exams 2019

The government are changing to a new GCSE system. The 5 A* - C grading system is being replaced by 'Progress 8', marks 8-1.  This new applies to results from 2016.
The new measure is based on how much progress students make across 8 subjects from when they start in Year 7 (KS2 results) to when they complete their exams at the end of Year 11. 
Each student has three "buckets" into which their best subject points will be placed: 
1. English and Maths *(these subjects are double weighted) 
2. EBacc qualifications (science, history, geography, languages) 
3. The three highest point scores in any remaining EBacc qualifications or other approved academic, arts or vocational qualifications. 
The total is deducted from the predicted attainment, based on KS2 results and then divided by 10 to produce a Progress 8 score.
At LSGS we start some GCSE courses in Year 9 to ensure all students are given the best chance to achieve their potential by Year 11, especially as they are now focusing on 8 rather than the former 5 subjects.
Please note the marks below are note the results below are 2018-2019 and are not current as new measures were not published due to Covid-19.
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Performance Measure 2019 



Progress 8 score



Attainment 8 score



Percentage of pupils achieving a pass (L4+) in English and Mathematics


Percentage of pupils achieving a good pass (L5+) in English and Mathematics 56% 43.3%
Percentage of pupils entered for the English Baccalaureate 84% 40%

The EBacc average points score calculates a pupil's average point scores across the 5 pillars of the English Baccalaureate.

4.96 4.07

Percentage of pupils achieving the English Baccalaureate at grade 5/C or above



Student destinations - Education and employment after key stage 4 (2017 leavers)




Given the uneven impact of the pandemic on school and college performance data, the government has said you should not make direct comparisons between the performance data for one school or college and another, or to data from previous years.

KS5 Results

For more information on 16-18 results please click here.
Progress Points Per Pupil Average Grade Maths progress 
English progress
LSGS -0.22 30.88 C SUPP SUPP
English Schools - 34.01 C+

2017 leavers 31%

2018 leavers 6% 

2019 leavers 21%

The majority of pupils from LSGS go on to Jewish seminaries, a type of school that offers education in Jewish studies, across the world.

Destinations in more detail can be found here


All students complete their programme of study.

Pupils staying from Year 11 to Year 13

Current Year 13 (graduating 2022).  11/19

Previous Year 13 (graduating 2021) 11/19

Previous Year 13 (graduating 2020) 10/21

Exam Information

Lubavitch Senior Girls School is a JCQ recognised Centre for exams.
AM GCSEs begin at 9:30am and PM at 1:30pm.
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