Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Chidon 5783

We are so proud of all our LSGS students in Year 7-9 who worked tirelessly throughout the entire year studying the 613 mitzvos! Congratulations on learning so many mitzvos!


A special acknowledgement to our Year 9 girls who have successfully completed the last 4 years of Chidon! Well done to Chaya Mushka C, Bracha D, Devorah Leah I, Toca Gitel L, Miri L, Rochel S, Ettel W and Chaya Mushka Zavdi. They qualified for an ultimate Chidon experience, joining fellow Year 9 pupils from around the world in New York for a fabulous experience with trips, shows, concerts and more. 

We are await to see the game show and can't wait to celebrate with the girls on their return.