Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Chidon Reward Trip

We are so proud of all our LSGS students in Year 7-9 who worked tirelessly throughout the entire year studying the 613 mitzvos! Congratulations on learning so many mitzvos!

There are two tracks within this program – Chidon and Mitzva Maven. Girls went to Adventure Island where they enjoyed themselves and had fabulous weather!

“The Chidon trip was a so much fun!” shares one student.

“Our students gain so much knowledge and confidence while studying for the chidon tests. They feel successful knowing that no matter what mark they get, their efforts will still be recognized,” says a teacher.

And the highlight of it all – the grand Sefer Hamitzvos game show and award ceremony!

On Sunday, Yud-Beis Sivan, students watched as their friends competed against other game show members to score the most points for their team from answering the questions correctly. The Ahavas Yisroel the girls had for their friends’ accomplishments was so inspiring!

Congratulations and mazal tov to all our students upon receiving awards for their outstanding accomplishments!