Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Home testing

Dear Parents/Carers of all Students at LSGS

All students will be given home test kits after they have taken their third test in school.  

We would like them to take their tests on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. The first test should be on Sunday 21st March 2021 and will continue on Wednesdays and Sundays until further notice, including throughout the holidays.  

I do not expect any students to be self-isolating from overseas trips after the holidays unless there are exceptional circumstances. These circumstances should be explained in writing in advance.

Tests are free of charge. In the first instance, students will receive 2 boxed of tests each containing 3 tests kits and a leaflet on how to take the test and report the results. Both positive and negative results must be reported to both NHS Test and Trace and to school. 

Taking part in testing is voluntary and all students will be able to attend school whether they take part in testing or not. However, we are strongly encouraging all students to take part. Testing at home will allow your child and other students to attend school as safely as possible.

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns about home testing.

Thank you for your support.