Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Production 5780

You could sense the excitement, the feel good, the achdus and pride of being in LSGS that was in the air during the production last night.

Year 12 did the most remarkable job in putting together all aspects of this production. Each one used her very considerable talents to make this show the success it was.

They were supported  by a dedicated team comprised of  year 13 pupils, members of the senior leadership, teachers, administrative staff, our very special learning support assistants and caretaker who took care of putting up and taking down the scenery etc.

Although school production can be a disruption it’s worth it all to see the girls shine.


Some parent feedback can be seen below:

 "The show was smooth, interesting and had a truly talented crew of girls in all the scenes! And from the audience it also looked like a beautiful show of inclusiveness for the girls..." Parent of a Year 7 & 8 pupil

"The production was amazing in every way. A real credit to the whole staff at LSGS and year 12 etc" Parent of a Year 8, 11 & 12 pupil.

"It was beautiful, full hall, make up was unbelievable (of my daughters) girls acted, sang and danced beautifully" Parent of a Year 9 & 11 pupil

"Amazing to see talent and so many smiling faces BH.Parent of a Year  7 pupil


"This message comes to you today, 

With a great big thank you to say.

There is not enough words to describe last night 

From A-Z production was an incredible sight!

The involvement of so many , the inclusion of all

What a beautiful positive atmosphere there was in that hall! 

So many talents where able to shine on stage, 

Bringing so much joy to every age.

Dancing and choirs and acting too,

It's unbelievable what together they managed to do! 

The props and artwork we definitely can't forget,

Those who worked so hard, so the stage was all set! 

And behind the scenes so many lessons learnt,

Working together - the midnight oil being burnt!

There were learning curves and ups and downs, 

But at the end of the day B"H there was no more frowns.

A learning experience for so many, it's true, 

A lesson for the future in whatever they do!

Being given a chance to use ones talents and shine,

Gave  each and every girl such a positive sign .

So thank you once again to all those who helped pull this through,

We wish you all much continued hatzlocha in whatever you do! "

Parent of a Year 9, 10 & 12 pupil