Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Sixth Form

On entering the Sixth Form at LSGS, students start to consider their future beyond school. Our aim is to give them the independence, confidence and knowledge to succeed in whichever path they choose. During their time in the Sixth Form, we help our students to learn to take responsibility for themselves - academically and personally - in preparation for the greater freedoms of life after school. They enjoy a range of freedoms and privileges, but within the support of the school structure.

These two years offer an intense of kodesh curriculum as well as a range of A Level subjects which are taught by high calibre, experienced A Level teachers.  At the same time there is an option to focus on obtaining vital life skills such as ICT, pool lifeguarding and first aid.  It will be an intense and productive, yet fun and exciting at the same time.  Most of all, as the oldest class in the school, students will be role models to those around them and serve as mentors and inject a spark of excitement and chasidishkeit for younger members of the school. 



Sixth Form life is different from that experienced lower down the school; students choose to be here and to specialise in subjects they wish to pursue.

When students enter the Sixth Form, they are exposed to a new set of expectations. They learn to take more responsibility for their own work, researching set topics, reading widely, making presentations in class, completing extended essays or investigations and meeting deadlines. This requires guidance from teachers and form tutors. They are there to help.

Sixth Form students have privileges and responsibilities which distinguish them from other years in the school. They play an important role in helping staff by supporting extra-curricular activities.


Here at LSGS, it is our goal that all students who enter the Sixth Form do so from an informed viewpoint, whether studying academic, BTEC or childcare qualifications. Through a process involving interviews, an open evening, students have a study programme shaped around their education and career goals.

Study programmes include substantial academic qualifications in the form of A-levels (with some AS levels available where applicable)others through BTEC and Cambridge. We also offer an Extended Project Qualification to our students to supplement their studies and show future employers/educational institutions a students’ broader research based skills.

Where students in the Sixth Form come without English/maths GCSE graded 4, we timetable sessions for them.

Study programmes are focused on progression to the next level of education, whether that is through traineeship, apprenticeship, Higher Education or other employment.  



LSGS offers each student a 16-19 Study Programme based on their prior attainment, and designed to meet clear educational and career aspirations.

Most students will be taught for most of the week, leaving some time for independent study. Independent learning is an important and integral part of the sixth form and will be the most noticeable change. It demands considerable self-discipline and the proper use of study time. It is an extremely important factor in determining the degree of success achieved by students, whatever type of course is being followed. 


The Kodesh Curriculum

Intent implementation and impact KS5 Kodesh





Sefer Required


Topics in sefer Shemos

Aseres Hadibros

Mekros Gedolos Shemos

Novi 1

Megilas Rus

 3rd Term

Torah Temima Megilas Rus

Novi 2

Megilas Esther

Mid 1st term & mid 2nd term

Torah Temima Megilas Esther


Hilchos Shabbos



Jewish History

From Bayis Sheni – Present

The Talmud







Rabbi Gordon / Rabbi Heller

 Likutei Amorim

Perakim 16-20


Miss Dubov

 Toras Menachem/ Topics

Biur Tefila

Miss Gordon

Understanding Tefila from a chassidic perspective

Bayis Yehudi

Mrs Zavdi

 Analysis of topics pertaining to the Jewish Woman

Sicha Skills

Miss Dubov

Developing independent Yiddish skills as well as becoming familiar with different sicha styles.


Rabbi Gordon

Selected  Maamorim of the Rebbe


Rabbi Lew

 Based on Klalei Hachinuch v’hadracha

Da Ma shetashuv

Rabbi Dubov

How to answer FAQ in Judaism


Mrs Dubrawsky

In depth discussion of current issues to prepare students for life.


A Level options

Maths         History         Religious Studies        Psychology        Economics       Biology   English      Biblical Hebrew            Business Studies                  Photography/Art 


NVQ Childcare    Graphics (Certificate)    First Aid    ATHE Jewish Studies         


Maths and English

All students who didn't achieve a grade 5 in GCSE maths and English by the end of Key Stage 4 will have to continue to study those subjects. Where GCSE A*-C, Grade 5 or higher, English and maths is not immediately attainable, students can study other English and maths qualifications such as Functional Skills.

Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities

Students with special educational needs and/or disabilities will be supported through their choice of post-16 courses to ensure they follow a programme which stretches them, prepares them for adulthood and supports progression into work or further study. We work closely with students who have special education needs and/or disabilities (and their parents/carers) to ensure their choice of courses is appropriate given their career aspirations. 



For applications to Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School’s Sixth Form, you should complete the application form below and return it directly to the school.  
Sixth Form Admissions: if you require further information regarding A level options, admissions or have any other questions about 6 th Form please contact the Head of Sixth Form Mrs R Gruber  0208 049 1899 ext 2004.
Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School Sixth Form offers:
• World class Jewish Studies programme
• Broad extra-curricular programme, including trips abroad
• Range of A Level vocational options
Many of our students continue their education at some of the best Seminaries in the world.
To register your interest contact the school at   or phone  0208 049 1899 ext 2004.
Those who would like to apply to Lubavitch Senior Girls’ School’s Sixth Form from other schools should complete and return the following documents:
·        Application Form - Sixth Form  click here
·   Copies of exam results (or a list of GCSE subjects and grades)
Documents should be sent using one of the following methods:
                FAO: Mrs R Gruber
                Head of Sixth Form
                Lubavitch Senior Girls School
                107-115 Stamford Hill
                N16 5RP
TEL - 020 8049 1899 ext 2004
* in the case of over subscription priority will be given to pupils already enrolled in LSGS.


Key Stage 5 Results

Please note the marks below are note the results below are 2018-2019 and are not current as new measures were not published due to Covid-19.

Destinations - percentage of students who continue in education or training, or move on to employment at the end of 16-18 study ( the data published covers students who left 16 to 18 study in 2020/21 and follows their destinations in 2021/22, which is the most recent data currently available  18 %


  • The make up of the cohort has changed this year compared to previous years. This change has particularly impacted students in state-funded mainstream colleges, who are more likely to spend more than two years in the same college. Caution should therefore be taken when comparing 16 to 18 destination measures between schools and colleges.
  • There was also no checking exercise for this cohort of students.
  • There are ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected individual schools, colleges and pupils differently.


Destinations for Autumn 2022 can be found here

Destinations for Autumn 2023 can be found here


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