Lubavitch Senior Girls' School

Well being

Lubavitch Senior Girls' School is committed to supporting the emotional well- being of all pupils and staff.


Lubavitch is one of a number of Hackney school who have signed up to an new initiative entitled Wellbeing and Mental health in School (WAMHS)  which intends to build capacity in schools in understanding and supporting emotional well- being. In school any person can approach Mrs Junik, Mrs Freeman or Mrs Gruber.


Lubavitch Senior Girls' School recognises emotional well-being as a key factor in the overall success and development of the school and is committed to integrating and embedding an emotional wellbeing policy in the school which is integral to the teachings of Orthodox Judaism. Lubavitch Senior Girls' School works closely with the professional Jewish organisations including Noa Girls and JTeens.


 School Policy



"It has been a great privilege to have worked for WAMHS in Lubavitch School over these last eventful years. I have learnt so much and made many friends and colleagues, whose warmth and curiosity have heartened me. But most importantly I have been inspired by the pupils, whose open minds have both challenged and supported the notion of mental well- being for them in school." - Hilary Dawson CAMHS Worker 

Our WAMHS Worker for LSGS is Dr Samantha Harrison - clinical psychologist



If you would like more information on how parents and carers can support positive mental health and well-being, please follow the link below.


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